An electronic Excel-calculator for calculating dental crown volumes

  • Oleksandr I Bulbuk IFNMU


Previous studies have found that with increasing volume of tooth cavities, the sensitivity of the restored structure to the physical and mechanical restoration characteristics is increasing too.

Since existing volume determination techniques cannot be use in a clinical setting, this gives reason to consider the problem determination volume of tooth cavities extremely important, and this research – relevant.

Aims of research. Develop and evaluate the possibility of using methods to determine dental crown volumes and volumes of tooth cavities.

Materials and methods of research. For determination of crown volumes and defect volumes of tooth cavities for each group of teeth were used appropriate geometric models. Together with the built models, were performed the mathematical calculations to calculate their linear dimensions.

Results of the research. We have developed and substantiated the feasibility of using an electronic Excel calculator to calculate dental crown volumes in clinical settings.

Conclusions. Using our electronic Excel calculator to calculate tooth crown volumes and methods for determining the volume of tooth cavities, in clinical settings we can objectify the diagnostic process in the presence of dental hard tissue defects.

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