• Aleksandra Durzyńska
  • Patryk Plona
  • Mateusz Gawęcki
  • Tomasz Waldziński


In order to reach the highest level of tennis it is essential to begin trainings in early childhood. In
along–term training program of a young competitor, apart from learning techniques and tactics,physical fitness
should be also developed. The effectiveness of the game on the court largely dependson motor abilities and the
physical fitness of the tennis player.
The aim of the study was an attempt to establish an interrelationships between the rates of motor abilities in
general and special characteristics of tennis players aged 10 – 14.
Material and method: The research was carried out on a group of 40 tennis players.For assessment of the
level of general efficiency a European test of the physical fitness – Eurofit was used. However, special efficiency
was assessed with four tennis tests.
The results of the tests showed systematic development of general and special efficiency at certain rates and
a continually significant diversity between training players of particular age groups, especially amongst the
youngest tennis players.
Conclusion: 1. Among the examined male and female tennis players, there was a significant variation at the
level of general and special efficiency in particular age groups. 2. A statistically significant dependence was found
between the results of general and special fitness tests. 3. There is a need to conduct general and special tests in
order to program the training process properly for tennis players.

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