• Monika Tyminska
  • Beata Kowalewska


Estimates show that the number of people with diabetes exceeded 1 million in Poland and in 90%
of cases, type 2 diabetes was recognized. It constitutes a problem not only due to its chronic character, but
foremostly, to the complications that develop in the course of the disease, which are often dangerous to a patient’s
Research objective: assessment of knowledge as well as health-related behaviors of patients suffering from
type 2 diabetes.
Material and method: The study conducted from 19 to 29 March 2019 covered 100 adult patients of NZOZ
’Diabetolog’ on Ppłk. Łukasza Cierplinskiego 4/2 street in Ostrołeka. The management of the Health Care Unit
agreed on the study. The method of diagnostic survey was used. The research tool used was a self-designed
survey questionnaire.
Results. Half of the studied group (50%) measured glucose levels several times a day. 40% of the respondents
chose cooking as the main means of preparing dishes. Meat and its products were eaten with variable frequency
by different groups of the respondents. Everyday relax in front of the TV was the most frequent type of spending
leisure time (50%).
Conclusions: The majority of the respondents regularly participated in checkups at the diabetes clinic or at the
GP’s. The members of the studied group were not very physically active. In spite of the respondents’ knowledge
on an unfavorable impact of stimulants on their organisms, especially on those suffering from diabetes, many of
the respondents used them.

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